Learn the skills you need to be confident on the water

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On Watch Sailing will tailor its program to your specific needs

This program is designed for those who would prefer to concentrate in areas beyond basic sailing instruction. Whether you are an accomplished cruiser or are curious about the lifestyle, Green can help you learn to cruise successfully. Benefit from one on one discussion and hands on practice on the subjects of your choice. Perhaps you would like to be with a professional for your first overnight at sea, you would like to have more confidence in boat handling, or simply want to understand your boat's systems better.

Lyra or your own vessel?

Based in Newport, Lyra is the perfect platform for this type of instruction as she is weatherly and has proven herself with over 45,000 miles sailed and a trip around the globe. Or, if you prefer, learn aboard your own vessel. Captain Green has sailed thousands of miles, including an Atlantic crossing.

Of course, many guests prefer to have a combination of sailing instruction and fun. We do that too - On Watch provides a fully custom sailing experience.


Notes & useful tips...


Portable (laptops, phones and tablets) Navigation


Boat handling under sail and power

Crew communication

Cooking afloat

Inspecting your vessel

Maintaining your vessel

Optimizing your sail plan

Communication from the boat to shore

Optimizing, monitoring & choosing your vessel's systems

Electrical consumption and generation

Navigating close to home and off shore

Put it all together with an overnight at sea