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It is usually cooler on the water. In the spring and fall a lightweight jacket and a pair of pants are appropriate. Even in the summer you may want a jacket or sweatshirt for sunset sails. Sunblock, a good hat, soft soled shoes, sneakers or sandals are recommended. Don't forget your camera!

If you would like to have food and beverages catered, please be sure that you will be present to meet any deliveries and to let them know that you will be on a boat. Because our schedule is very tight, the crew cannot accept deliveries. Some of our favorite places to order from are:

Newport Wine Cellar & Le Petit Gourmet - 11-13 MEMORIAL - has delicious cheeses and wine and are under the same ownership. They deliver and you can order online. 401-619-3966
Meg's Aussie Milk Bar - 111 Bellevue Avenue - is on of Captain Green's favorite spots. It's traditional Aussie-style caf?, serving quality food that is as fresh as it gets, seasonally appropriate, and consistently amazing. Try one of their coffee shakes when you pick up a boat friendly meal to go. 401-619-4811
Cru Cafe - 1 Casino Terrace - has excellent breakfast and lunch in an informal setting. It's a goto for Captain Green when he's looking for coffee and a meal. 401-314-0500
Peaceable Market - 520 Thames - does not deliver but makes excellent boat lunches. About a 15 minute walk from Oldport. 401-846-0036
• Closer to the waterfront, Diego's - 11 Bowens Wharf - does a box lunch burrito for $8. 401-619-2640
A LIttle Cafe - 27 Connell Highway - does a great job with sailing lunches and will deliver. 401-849-0123


Weather in the Newport area can change rapidly. On Watch Sailing has years of experience interpreting the weather here. We will not take you sailing if we don't think you will have a good time. (See Cancellation Policy below)

Because of the fast changing conditions, the decision to go or not often will not happen until a few minutes before the sail. In the unlikely case that a rain shower catches us by surprise, you are welcome to go below to stay dry. We carry an assortment of warm blankets and jackets.

On Watch Sailing does not accept trip cancellations less than 96 hours (4 days) from the time of sailing.

You may cancel more than 96 hours from the time and date of your reservation with no penalties. Should you cancel inside the 96 hour time frame, we will make every effort to fill your reserved spot - if this happens you will not be charged. However, should the spot remain empty and conditions are such that we would have sailed, YOU WILL BE CHARGED THE FULL AMOUNT for the reserved sail.

While the reservation will have been paid with your credit card when you made the reservation, it can be refunded in part or in full if you would prefer to break up payments or pay in cash. Should On Watch cancel your booking because of weather, or for other reasons, you will receive a full refund and we will be in touch via the contact information you have provided. Never assume that a trip is not going without contacting On Watch.

On Watch LLC reserves the right to cancel a reservation at any time.

Note: If you provide documented proof of a personal emergency, On Watch may waive the charge.

Seasickness is not an issue on Narragansett Bay. There are always protected areas to sail in and there is no need to be concerned. However, should you as the customer opt to go into Block Island Sound, we have less control over boat motion, and you may want to make provision for motion sickness. That said, Lyra has a very easy motion and we find it rare that anyone feels ill at all.

Please feel free to bring food and snacks. We have cold storage and provide coolers for food and beverages. Finger foods are always a hit! Also keep in mind that light items may blow around.

On Watch Sailing provides filtered water for your container as part of the trip. Please feel free to bring a bottle of wine, beer or other beverage of your choice. Due to liability, no hard liquor is permitted.

A sail on Lyra is an active environment that is unfamiliar to many of our customers. Plastic cups and beer cans are preferred and should be brought by you. We request that you drink in moderation and reserve the right to end the trip at any time should our customers pose a danger to themselves or the boat.

Drawing upon extensive personal and practical experience, On Watch Sailing can provide in-depth instruction, from cruising your boat successfully to selecting and upkeeping vessel systems. As Lyra is a larger vessel, it is preferred that individuals seeking instruction have at least a basic knowledge of sailing so that we can concentrate where needed.

We are used to (and enjoy) having children aboard. It is Rhode Island state law that children under the age of 13 wear a lifejacket. Lyra carries both the U.S. Coast Guard approved children's Type 1 PFD's as well as more comfortable vest style lifejackets.

It is a good idea to give us a heads up before you sail if you plan to bring your kids.

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